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HVAC News Newsweek(1.19‐1.25)


1 月 15 日,日本 twinbird 工业股份有限公司在京发布创新科技产品 wifi 智能空气净化机,twinbird

Keywords: water source heat pump
Water source heat pump is a new type of non-polluting energy-efficient air-conditioning unit, the use of groundwater as a heat source, by consuming some energy, can be used
Households to provide chilled water for air conditioning in the summer, winter heating and hot water needed for domestic hot water, air-conditioning system is higher EER
Heating, cooling mode. ?
This year the water source heat pump market application environment is not ideal, in 2012, water source heat pump market, a negative growth of 12.2%, negative growth in 2013
Long 7.2%. Following the first two years of market decline, 2014 water source heat pump market continues to Phoenix negative growth trend. ?
Keywords: air purifier?
Haze frequently make the air cleaner in the past 2014 years has maintained a "barbaric growth" of the situation, became the home appliance market
The biggest dark horse. In the past year, many of the traditional home appliance manufacturers have entered the field began to force, even many Internet companies
Also broke into a high-profile air purifier market, and claims to subvert the entire industry. ?
Recently from the official website of the National Standards Committee learned that "air purifier" (GBT18801) has completed the draft national standards, and to society
Public comment, the National Standards Committee will be completed in the first half 2015 standard validation and release - long in the haze, formaldehyde and other air pollution
Attention now on, the air purifier market is finally expected to be standardized. ?
According to the market, according to the survey, more than 90 percent of the market brand of air purifiers are manufactured with passive filter products, active air
Purifier market accounted for less than 10%, exactly what kind of air purifier is more suitable for Chinese environment? ?

January 15, Japan twinbird Industry Co., Ltd. in Beijing to deliver innovative technology products wifi smart air purifiers, twinbird
Aimed at cultivating the Chinese market, to provide consumers with "peace of mind, safe, high-quality" home appliances. ?
Keywords: cooling tower?
Decades of reform and opening up, China's industrial production was a great development, technology continues to mature levels, cooling tower production demand
Increase, increasing the level of localization in the national advocate saving resources to protect the environment call for cooling tower toward the direction of energy saving
Development of. ?
Keywords: data center?
Recently, CCID Consulting released "Chinese characteristics data center layout and Development Strategy." In depth analysis of China's data center
Layout characteristics and development strategy, from the industrial development environment, influencing factors, and other aspects of the evolution of the trend to explore the development of the data center, and
Depth analysis of the current situation of the layout of the data center. ?
Keywords: central air conditioning cleaning?
Central air conditioning cleaning training is designed to meet the central air conditioning cleaning practitioners continuously improve the quality of vocational skills needs, make practitioners more systematic, complete
Grasp the entire cleaning technology, provide better services for users of central air conditioning. ?

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