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HVAC News Newsweek (3.23‐3.29)

HVAC News Newsweek (3.23-3.29)

Keywords:? CRAC?
Experts predict that the intelligent information technology are required to establish the appropriate data center, to be sure, from the data center construction, driven by the engine room
Air conditioning market in the future increment should not be underestimated. ?
Keywords: air purifier?
Recently been sizzling topic to the number of air pollution, in fact, haze, air pollution and other issues had not a new thing. Air purifier with
With this trend is constantly selling it. So the question is, air purifiers how to face the legacy of national standards to do it face low gate
Threshold of the manufacturing process, so that the air purifier of the industry to become competitive. ?
Keywords: building energy efficiency?
According to the National Conference on Housing and Urban Construction work arrangements, housing and urban construction fields around the center, give full play to science and technology for city housing
Support services and leading role in the construction of rural areas, efforts to achieve energy saving and the development of new breakthroughs in science and technology work. ?

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