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HVAC News Newsweek (1.26-2.1)

暖通空调资讯网新闻周报 (1.26-2.1)


HVAC News Newsweek (1.26-2.1)

Keywords: refrigerant
Europe bans refrigerant HCFC into effect on January 1, the European Commission again exempt two petrochemical companies, can continue to use HCFC
Refrigerant. ?
Keywords: China Refrigeration Expo?
As of January 2015, "China Refrigeration Expo" registration exhibitors over 1500, a new record. The exhibition will have to
All known since more than 30 countries and regions, industry-related companies and organizations to participate in the exhibition, brought together the world's HVAC refrigeration industry
Name brands. ?
Keywords: air purifier?
The initial current of the air purifier to remove particulate matter and organic matter effectively, but can not kill the microorganism, merely adsorbing or filtering. One
These high efficiency filter-type air purifier in the case, although the boot can be adsorbed microorganisms, but a shutdown, it will re-enter the air microbes, even
To focus on the screen blooms cause secondary pollution. ?
January 27, 2015, Chinese air purification industry alliances 2014 annual summary of the work will be held in Beijing. President of the Union wish to wear self,
Deng Gaofeng Secretary General, Deputy Secretary-General Yueren Liang, an expert committee Chenhuan Qi and alliance members and members attended the meeting. Conference by
League Secretary General Deng Gaofeng chair. ?
Keywords: double-sided color steel composite duct Technical Specification
Housing and Urban Construction Department of Hebei Province in December 2014 released the Hebei Construction Standards "double-sided color steel composite duct technical regulations
Process ", numbered DB13 (J) T172-2014, with effect from February 1 this year, the formal implementation. ?

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