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关键词: 国际制冷技术交流会
2014年 10月 31日,以“绿色·创新·应用”为主题的 2014国际制冷技术交流会在珠海德翰大酒店隆
告》显示:现阶段空气净化器产品顾客总体满意度 66.3(以百分制计),与彩电、冰箱等大家电产品
2014年 10月 30日,“第二届中国室内空气控制对策与技术行业高峰论坛”在北京召开,并发布了
2007年 9月 17日~21日,在加拿大蒙特利尔的蒙特利尔会议中心召开了《蒙特利尔议定书》第 19
2014年 11月 6日,国庆后制冷剂 R22价格有所上涨,迄今已上涨约 300元~500元/吨,涨幅达

Report "shows: stage air purifier products overall customer satisfaction 66.3 (in percentile terms), with color TV, refrigerators and other large appliances
Satisfaction over 80 compared unsatisfactory.
October 30, 2014, "The Second China indoor air control measures and technology Industry Summit" held in Beijing, and released
"2014 China air purifier User Survey Report."
Keywords: refrigerant
September 17, 2007 to 21 days, in Montreal, Canada Montreal Convention Center held the "Montreal Protocol" on page 19
Meeting of the Parties.
November 6, 2014, after the National refrigerant R22 prices have risen, so far has risen about 300 yuan to 500 yuan / ton, an increase of
2% to 4%. At present, Shandong Dongyue, Juhua (600160.SH) and other mainstream manufacturers R22 ex-factory price of about 13,800 yuan / ton, while the
Small factory price of about 14,000 yuan / ton.

Keywords: Data Center
To reduce air conditioning energy consumption, Qingdao, China Unicom is currently working on the second floor of 52 hub for energy-saving air conditioners, after the project is completed, the estimated annual
The electricity savings of 3 million yuan.

Keywords: Green Building
Recently, the China Building Energy Conservation Association held its ninth China (Beijing) International Exhibition building energy efficiency and new building materials in Beijing held a grand
OK. From the participants informed, energy-saving green buildings is the theme of this exhibition the parties most concerned, it has now risen to a high national strategy
Degrees, indicating rapid development is expected to be in the future.
At 9:00 on November 5, to "promote the development of green building, green building technologies to promote innovation and progress" as the theme of the Seventh
Jiangsu International Green Forum, and to "sustainable building solutions platform of choice" as the goal cum Jiangsu International Green Building Exhibition in Nanjing
International Expo Center opened.
On this green building exhibition, our leading design agency - East Shejizongyuan by Dean Zhang Junjie personally led a total carrying multiple reference works
Director of the exhibition, green building center Chamberlin made a keynote speech.
Keywords: government procurement
Recently, the 2014 fourth central state organs conditioned by the central state organs of government procurement center volume centralized procurement organization open
Mark. Five suppliers to participate in tender, fierce price competition, services and technology will be the decisive factor.

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